25 Insane Activities In Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Broad, endless beaches, sea air, surfable waves, and an abundance of delectable fresh seafood can all be found in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I am aware that you are currently sipping a mai-tai on the terrace. What a cute little drink umbrella is that! Yes, please.

The wonderful news that is (maybe sadly) for us. (#sorrynotsorry), but this stunning beach is right outside our house! We are here to assist you in finding the top activities in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, so you can enjoy a wonderful holiday. We have visited the area many times.

We’re not big “people” people; we’d much rather go to big towns like Charlotte than sit around getting old and toasty, but this beach might have made us think otherwise. For a more exciting weekend or a more restful weekend, it’s the ideal romantic getaway! We have some fantastic options for Sunset Beach dates, whatever your preferences may be!

Go through the rest of the post if you’re looking for the perfect mix of leisure and exhilarating activities in Sunset Beach, North Carolina because you’ll be calling in sick tomorrow and searching for the “fastest way to get to Sunset Beach North Carolina.” #foresight

25 Insane Activities In Sunset Beach, North Carolina

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Sunset Beach, North Carolina has 25 things to do.

1. Bird Island’s Kindred Spirit Mailbox

This mailbox on the beach is surrounded by a seat and is loaded with notebooks and pens. For thirty years, people have been walking along the beach, baring their souls and abandoning them by the waves. Take pencils and diaries, and without anybody knowing, jot down your deepest aspirations, thoughts, and worries. You didn’t think you would get free counseling at the beach, did you?

The mailbox was the inspiration for Nicholas Sparks’ novel “Every Breath!”

The Way To The Kindred Spirit Mailbox

Although the mailbox is a little out of the way, the effort is well worth it! Parking at Sunset Beach Public Beach Access on West 40th Street in North Carolina is the greatest option. After stepping over the bridge, make a right turn to avoid the pier.

After there, stroll 1.5 miles (or around 30 minutes) down the beach until you get to the mailbox on your right. From the coast, it’s simple to see, but you’ve gone too far once you get to the Jetty.

2. Coastal Carolina Museum

If you and your spouse enjoy history, this museum is worth a visit even if it’s not on Sunset Beach—it’s close to Ocean Isle Beach. The museum has exhibits on coast reefs, marine life, and even sharks to highlight the natural heritage of the coastal region! The area around Sunset Beach, North Carolina, offers some of the greatest activities.

Maybe go there once you’ve finished your weekend swimming. #Logic.

3. Planetarium Ingram

Space, oh space, everything! For those who are interested in learning more about space and the solar system, science enthusiasts frequently travel to Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach. The Sky Theatre has incredible laser displays if you’re lured in even when you’re not a fan of space. You’ll witness lasers synced to music from artists such as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, and Country!

The hurricane simulator at the Pal Dennis Science Hall is another fantastic feature that allows you to feel what it’s like to be in a storm! Visit Ingram if you’re interested in science or are searching for free activities in Sunset Beach, North Carolina!

Yes. You read that right: entry is free.

4. The Swamp Park Eco Adventure Zip-Line Park is number four.

For more daring couples (like us!) who need a change of scenery after spending the entire day frying in the heat, go over to Swamp Park. Other options include relaxing on the Shallotte River, hiking an aerial adventure park, taking guided ATV rides, and going on zip line excursions. Even live alligators are present!

And now you’re never going to go in the water because of all this chatter about gators and sharks.

5. Silver Coast Winery No. 5

Should we fail to suggest a fantastic adult beverage, you might think we’ve been kidnapped! For the past ten years, the Silver Coast Winery, which is close to the coast, has been making wine that has won awards.

When we came in for a taste, we discovered some rather strange wines! It’s one of the nicest things to do in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, even though the wine isn’t the best you’ve ever had. The staff is also really pleasant, and the décor is rather adorable. Caleb preferred “Calabash Red,” whereas I went with “Calabash White.”

6. Go to Calabash Town

About Calabash, it’s a charming beach town a short distance from the shore. It was formerly a fishing village but has since developed into a charming little town with lots of personality and delicious seafood.

It even has a seafood dish called “Calabash Style,” which is always served with hushpuppies and is just lightly breaded and fried. Usually, this delicious dish is served family-style! The best part of our Sunset Beach vacation was the seafood we had in Calabash.

7. Go to Bird Island.

Bird Island is the place to go if 1300 acres of immaculate beaches, dunes, beautiful salt marsh, and naturally occurring tidal rivers seem appealing. Walking down the Sunset Beach coastline towards the South Carolina border makes it easy to reach this site, which is one of ten that make up the North Carolina Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve.

You may join a guided tour of the area and discover more about the Carolina Coast during the summer months. Additionally, the Kindred Spirit Mailbox is located here! Whoa! And turtles! The United States considers loggerhead sea turtles to be endangered, and Bird Island is home to these creatures.

8. Summertide Adventure Tours

Experience Sunset Beach’s Twilight Tour, which leaves at dusk and lets you unwind in the water while taking in the breathtaking sunset over the shore! They also have water parks, adventure tours, and fishing trips if you’re searching for something more thrilling to do for the day!

9. Sunset Beach Pier

Without a pier, what would a beach be? There would be no beach!

Aside from (silly) jokes, the 900-foot Sunset Beach pier features a grill-equipped snack bar, a gaming area, a fish-washing table, and an air-conditioned pier house for those hot days in North Carolina. Throughout June through August, read every day!

You may fish from the pier and catch a variety of species if you want to go away from the beach. Bait and a fishing ticket that allows you to use a rod will be available for purchase, so you won’t have to cram your gear into the car.

10. Bird watching

440 different species of birds call North Carolina home. Did you know that? Your daily objective of “learning something new every day” has been accomplished. You’re welcome. The North Carolina Birding Path, more of an assortment of places to go bird viewing than a true path, stops at Sunset Beach.

Canal Street, North Shore Drive, Bay Street, 40th and Main, Bird Island, and East and West Lakes are the six areas that makeup Sunset Beach. If you and your spouse are interested in birds, this is one of the greatest things to do in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, because of all the birding activity in the region!

11. Visit One Love Market

One of my favorite locations to shop is at farmers’ markets. They usually provide a free sampling of meals. I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

This seasonal, outdoor market in Brunswick County promotes local farmers and craftsmen and is a must-visit if you enjoy farmers’ markets. There are vegetables, hand-baked sweets, handcrafted jewelry, and vintage-inspired, bohemian-style clothing to choose from!

It’s important to verify the schedule before coming as they are only open during the summer!

12. Eat The Best Bagel In Calabash At The Famous Bagel Dock

If you are on a ketogenic diet, this is not the place for you to be. What about the other people? Go to Bagell Dock right away. Hurry. It is not allowed to walk. There’s a reason they’re the best bagel shop in North Carolina, and I promise their bagels are on par with those in New York.

In their business, they prepare fresh bagels, cream cheese, sandwiches, salads, and pastries every day. They claim that the taste is a result of using water that has undergone reverse osmosis treatment. They give a wide variety of bagel and cream cheese flavors that you may personalize to your own. Because they were chewy and soft, we wanted to eat a lot of them.

13. Consume Extremely Fresh Seafood

As a coastal state, North Carolina has some excellent seafood overall, but the seafood around the shore is much better! It could even surpass the seafood found in neighboring North Myrtle Beach!

We will always remember Calabash’s Waterfront Seafood Shack for serving some of the greatest, simple, yet wonderfully delicious seafood. You can find out if that day’s “catch of the day” was indeed captured.

14. Investigate Sunset Beach Trading Co.

It is indeed a tourist trap; it’s vivid blue and purple. You still have to see it, though. A variety of beach-themed trinkets, such as shirts, jeans, unique jewelry, and mementos, may be found within. If you forget your shirt with the tropical pattern at home, here is the place to go.

They have delicious ice cream to help you battle the summer heat, even if you decide not to buy anything!

15. Participate in a Tideline Fishing Charter

Couples fishing may enjoy a variety of possibilities at Sunset Beach. A variety of private trips and cruises are offered by Sunset Beach Tideline Charters to go red drum, flounder, speckled trout, and other species fishing. They also offer environmental tours and sunset cruises, if that’s more your style!

16. Pay a visit to the Sunset Beach Swing Bridge and Museum.

This swing bridge linked the island to the mainland between 1958 and 2011. Currently, it serves as a modest museum and a hub for community activities. The Old Bridge Historical Society runs it to bridge the past and future of the community through preservation and education.

17. Take A Sunset Beach Ghost Walk

At neighboring Ocean Isle Beach, you may discover more about the region’s fascinating past, which includes tales of Spanish conquistadors, settlers, pirates, plantations, naval battles during the American Civil War, shipwrecks, whisky smugglers, breathtaking storms, and more!

If all of that wasn’t enough, Ocean Isle Beach is reputed to be among the East Coast’s most haunted locations! This terrifying ghost walk will teach you all there is to know about it if you’re feeling brave!

18. Bald Head Island Lighthouse No. 18

Since its construction in 1795, the first lighthouse has been demolished. This version is still rather old, having been developed in 1816! To find out more about the significance of Bald Head Island in American history and the Civil War, take a boat to the island (cars are not permitted there) and sign up for a lighthouse tour.

19. Join TourH20 for a pontoon ride.

Would you like to engage in a Southern and romantic activity? Take a three-hour sunset pontoon boat trip to round off the day! You may stroll around the lovely beach area and perhaps even get a glimpse of the dolphins!

Additionally, TourH20 provides nature tours on the water or, if pontoons are not available, on pontoon boats.

20. Sunset Beach Park is number twenty.

Head to Sunset Beach Park if you still want to relax but are sick of having sand in your shorts (there’s so much sand). There are strolling routes ideal for a romantic picnic at dusk, big oak trees, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. For this reason, the Calabash Deli is a great spot to purchase sandwiches!

The Sunset Beach Waterfront Market also provides shipping if you require mementos for your trip!

21. Golf

The Brunswick Islands, including Sunset Beach, are a golfer’s paradise. Known as “NC’s Golf Coast,” Sunset Beach is home to six championship golf courses, and there are many more in the area.

22. Bald Head Island Beach is number 22 on the list.

Just wait until you visit Bald Head Beach if you thought Sunset Beach was peaceful! The only way to get to the island from Sunset Beach is via a passenger boat, as cars are not allowed on it. When you get there, you may rent golf carts or bikes.

A 15-mile stretch of secluded marshland beach, Bald Head Island Beach offers excellent bird viewing!

23. Brunswick Historic Town and Fort Anderson State Historic Site

Another one for fans of history is this one. Before the Revolution, Brunswick was a significant port, but British forces destroyed it, and it was never restored. Fort Anderson protected Cape Fear during the Civil War. You may discover more about the history of the region and stroll around the shoreline.

Plan a fast road trip and bring your best road trip questions! It’s around 45 minutes from Sunset Beach!

24. Dine at La Cucina Italian Grill for delectable Italian fare.

I’ve advised you to eat fish, and now I’m recommending Italian cuisine. Variety is what makes life so sweet! La Cucina, which is renowned for its chef’s specialties produced with fresh ingredients and handcrafted pasta that takes you back to Italy, is regarded by some as the greatest restaurant in Sunset Beach! They have a really good assortment of wines by the glass!

Moreover, they provide a gluten-free menu, which is unusual in little towns like this one!

25. Stay at Brunswick Beaches RV Park.

For those who prefer a more laid-back vibe to beachy resorts, this RV park provides full hookups in peaceful locations near the lagoon. At this resort, which has a camp kitchen, fire rings, a sand volleyball field, horseshoe pits, and a swimming pool, you can also rent a cabin or set up a tent. Greetings, marshmallows created.

Helpful Travel Planning Hints

  1. Use our Sunset Beach tide chart if you’re planning a vacation there and want to maximize your time on the sea.


  2. Do you want to know the weather forecast or the approximate number of visitors you will be hosting? View the webcam at Sunset Beach, North Carolina!


  3. Are you trying to find a vacation rental? Sunset Properties is an expert in beachfront real estate, so they know their stuff!
  4. For a list of costs for lodging near Sunset Beach, click here.

25 Insane Activities In Sunset Beach, North Carolina



Sunset Coastal is a little seaside community full of beauty and charm that was chosen as one of National Geographic’s 21 Greatest Beaches in the World! Whether you want to eat fantastic seafood during a happy hour at the waterfront or spend your vacation tanning on the beach, Sunset Beach is a peaceful and pleasant destination to visit with friends.

You will want to come back to visit the infinite beaches since there is so much to see and do! How do you anticipate acting?

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