Madrid’s Top 10 Tapas Bars on Calle Cava Baja

Within 300 metres (.18 miles?) there are more than 50 tapas bars. Have you passed away and entered Heaven? Unfortunately, you’re still here, starving, and on Calle De Cava Baja Madrid, which is one of my and Caleb’s favorite places to “tapa” when we go to Madrid! We’ve visited the city almost 10 times, and on each visit we always make time for a tapas crawl down this particular street. We came for the food, and Cava Baja understood our mission.

If you’re only spending a weekend in the city, this piece offers an insider’s tour of the best restaurants on Tapas Street. I’ve been to every place with Caleb and eaten everything we suggest. If you and your partner share our desire to discover culture via food, we can help!

Madrid's Top 10 Tapas Bars on Calle Cava Baja

Now let’s get started!

The Ten Best Tapas Bars on Calle Cava Baja

1. Taberna La Concha

One of our favorite eateries in Madrid’s Cava Baja is La Concha Madrid. They are highly recognized for their traditional and tapas-style Spanish “fusion” cuisine, as well as for their handcrafted “Manuela” vermouth beverages.

Every year, we return from Spain with handmade vermouth. Every time we travel to the city, we make many trips there. It is perfect for a more romantic ambiance because there is a busy upstairs and a quieter below!

Ordering advice: Almost everything on the menu has been tested and found to be great. Thai curry fish balls stewed pig cheeks, and meatballs in tomato sauce are some of our favorite foods.

Furthermore, we won’t be friends if you don’t get vermouth.

Insiders’ Tips:

  • Due to its popularity, reservations should be made in advance on their website Monday through Thursday!
  • Avoid going in the afternoon since the food and vermouth drinks are of lower quality and the staff are less friendly.
  • Opt for red vermouth instead of white.

Address: C. de la Cava Baja, 7 Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain.

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2. Taberna de Tuerto

Perfectly positioned at the start or finish of the very pedestrian Cava Baja, this charming little bar has exposed brick walls, a ceramic floor, and vibrant ceramic wall tiles, just as any authentic tapas bar should.

Although they serve a range of toasts here, the pig cheek and the housemade vermouth—both of which we can personally vouch for being excellent—are the highlights.

Order the cheek toast, please. A 10/10 “would recommend on Yelp” was given. I wanted to eat a hundred of them because they were so memorable. With crisp yet soft bread and caramelized onions, the cheek is absurdly tender. We’re here to support them even if we have no idea how they did it.

Insider Tip: Although a touch more expensive than other places, these tapas are well worth it.

The address is 7 Centro, C. de la Cava Baja, 28005 Madrid, Spain.

3. La Perejila.

Oh my, how can I start with this Calle Baja Madrid treasure? The incredibly vivid lime green walls and the disorganized arrangement of the mirrors and frames give this room a unique feel! It’s packed, boisterous, and a little chaotic—but in a good way.

We have a huge advantage since there are a lot of people here, not just tourists. They are well known for their carefully prepared “vermouth de Grifo” (vermouth on tap), which we had to sample for research. 👀.

Ordering advice: Don’t miss the Sobrasada toast with manchego cheese. The mussels are also really tasty and served in a big portion.

Insider Tip: It’s not the best place to just get a drink because they would rather that you eat here, especially during busy times.

Address: 25 Centro, C. de la Cava Baja, 28005 Madrid, Spain.

4. Taverna La Cava

This Latina tapas restaurant, which Caleb and I think looks like a romantic cave because of its exposed brick walls, low lighting, and dark ceilings. It also has a wide wrap-around bar where you can stand and drink when you’re not eating.

What to order: This is the place to go if you like sandwiches. They provide a wide variety of warm toasts, especially those topped with seafood (smoked cod, anchovies, etc.). Most of them are secure wagers.

Insider Tip: Steer clear of the cheese toast with smoked salmon. We found out that this combo is common in Madrid, but from personal experience, we can say with certainty that it should never cross your lips. Plus, the vermouth is A+!

Address: 28 Centro, C. de la Cava Baja, 28005 Madrid, Spain.

5. Taberna Tempranillo

Given its name, we anticipated that this tapas bar in Madrid’s Latin neighborhood would have an excellent wine list, which it does. With a wall full of wine bottles, the interior is reminiscent of an elegant, old-world wine cellar. It was named after Caleb, “Merlin’s wand shop, but make it wine.”

Ordering suggestions: Try the excellent squid pintxo toast with caramelized onions or the quail breast pintxo toast. They also have a “huevo dobloa with truffle” that is highly recommended.

You had to get a glass of Tempranillo, of course.

Insider Tip: Dining is done at tables. Grab a drink and sit at the bar.

The address is Centro, C. de la Cava Baja 38, 28005 Madrid.

6. Casa Lucas.

Popular tapas bar Casa Lucas on the Cava Baja features wooden furniture and a nice ambiance. They provide great hot and cold toasts, larger meals and you can just hang around at the bar with a drink.

Ordering advice: We suggest the “Alella,” which is toast topped with soy sauce chicken, caramelized onions, and corn mousse. This place has passable vermouth, nothing spectacular, but also nothing awful.

Insider Tip: Since English is the primary language spoken here, it could be more “touristy.”

Address: 30 Centro, C. de la Cava Baja, 28005 Madrid, Spain.

7. Erre que Erre.

You should go even if you have trouble pronouncing it. Their specialty is “pintxos,” which are various bread toppings. It’s a fun and vibrant atmosphere, especially on weekends!

Ordering advice: We loved the smoked salmon, cream cheese, and lemon toast in addition to the roast beef, pepper, and cheese toast. This place has wonderful white vermouth as well.

Insider tip: The bar presents toasts that you may choose from, however there isn’t an English menu. Pointing was a great tool for us! Since limited quantity indicates popularity, we often order what must be good!

Address: Nº24, Centro, C. de la Cava Baja, 28005.

8. Pez Tortilla.

From the packed, shoulder-to-shoulder standing and eating area to the AMAZING Tortillas Espanola, which are available in a variety of flavors, visiting Pez Tortilla is about as authentic as it gets. It exudes the carefree, community-minded, and endearing vibe that we all value.

Ordering advice: All of their tortillas are delicious, but we like the caramelized onion with rocket. It’s simple, yet it’s flavorful and well-seasoned. Try some sweet and spicy vermouth to wash it down!

Insider Tip: Everything is merely written in Spanish on the wall; there is no English menu. Caleb and I ordered and ate at the bar; there was no waitress there.

Address: 28005 Madrid, Spain, Centro, C. de la Cava Baja 42.

9. La Bolita Vermoutheria.

This is a small, dim, and VERY busy tapas bar serving just vermouth, with a ‘watch list’ as long as your Netflix subscription. They also provide a small selection of tapas, specializing in croquettes.

What to order: They have the best vermouth on tap (de grifo), with overtones of cinnamon and balsamic. We sampled a range of vermouths. The mushroom croquettes were delicious, perfectly crispy and golden, and not oily.

Insider Tip: The croquettes come in three, five, and eight sizes, and since they are so good, we advise purchasing more than you may imagine. I would recommend Taberna La Conchas over the handcrafted vermouth; Caleb and I liked it much more.

C. de la Cava Baja 34, Centro, 28005 Madrid, Spain is the address.

10. Lamiak

Not in the fake “oh, I’m SO OBSESSED with this product that I’ll link for you to buy” influencer sort, but rather in a genuine fascination with Lamiak. With yellow walls, wooden tables, and jazz posters, it’s nostalgic and eccentric.

This place is always bustling. As we waited to be seated, the server put us at a table in a corner with a stool so we could sip vermouth and receive a complimentary tapa of bruschetta. The mood is frantic but jovial and unforgettable.

Order the traditional beef cheeks with potato gratin. The beef melts under the fork, and the potatoes are very cheesy.

Insider Advice: Perfect for when you’re feeling sated. They provide a wide variety of “non-toast” tapas at very competitive prices!

Address: 28005 Madrid, Spain, Centro, C. de la Cava Baja 42.

Our Personal Pro Tips For The Best Cava Baja Experience.

  1. No bags or backpacks should be brought. Since there’s not much space, you’re likely to hit someone with it, and carrying a backpack makes you look like a tourist.


  2. Accept discomfort. There can be times when you have to wait to get a table. It’s alright. You’ll have more fun if you just go with it rather than feeling uncomfortable and leaving right away because there isn’t a table available.
  3. Seek out locations that provide “vermouth de grifo,” or vermouth that is served on tap. It’s always excellent and handcrafted.


  4. Make a crawl rather than just one tapas bar visit. The locals usually visit three or four different locations at night for tapas.

Basic Information About the Calle De La Cava Baja Madrid.

  • A bustling street in Madrid, Calle Cava Baja is home to more than fifty restaurants and tapas bars!
  • One of our favorite gastronomic locations is the La Latinaneighborhoodd, where it is situated.
  • It’s a convenient addition to any Madrid itinerary because it’s situated right in the heart of Madrid, close to Mercan San Miguel and Plaza Mayor.

Madrid's Top 10 Tapas Bars on Calle Cava Baja



Like a night out on another tapas strip in Madrid, the appeal of Calle Cava Baja is that you can visit so many restaurants in one evening that you won’t have to argue over who gets to choose dinner—you can both do it! If you share our passion for food, you really must go to Madrid’s renowned tapas street!

We hope that this helped you choose what to eat in Madrid and where to eat it!

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