Outer Banks Activities: 17+ Fun Things To Do In Kitty Hawk, NC

A popular hamlet on the NC Outer Banks is Kitty Hawk. Situated somewhat above Nags Head, the little beach town is often associated with Kill Devil Hills, another well-liked vacation spot in the Outer Banks. The little village of Kitty Hawk is rich in history and interesting happenings.

The history of Kitty Hawk began when small Native American settlements sprung up along these coasts in the 1500s. Many years later, in the 1900s, the Kitty Hawk Lifesaving Station, a few small plantations, and a tiny schoolhouse helped Kitty Hawk become well-known. The Wright Brothers are most known for having arrived at Kitty Hawk in 1900 to start testing powered flight, which ultimately resulted in the first powered flight in history.

With additional attractions including Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve and the Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk is the tranquil seaside getaway you’ve been searching for. Whether you are searching for a leisurely weekend break or an exciting day excursion, Kitty Hawk will not let you down.

Outer Banks Activities: 17+ Fun Things To Do In Kitty Hawk, NC

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Even though Kitty Hawk is a small town, there is enough to see and do. We hope that this information comes in handy for your next visit to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.


1000 North Croatan Highway, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

International visitors are invited to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, which honors the first powered flight in history.

At the memorial, which has a 60-foot granite monument constructed in 1932, tourists may stand in the same spot where the aircraft first lifted off. The 400-acre property features picnic spaces, historical monuments, and walking routes.


5230 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Exactly one hundred years after the first flight, a commemorative site called the Monument to a Century of Flight opened. It’s behind the Aycock Brown Welcome Centre in Kitty Hawk.

The fourteen wing-shaped stainless steel pylons that make up this monument are arranged in a 120-foot orbit to represent the distance that the Wright brothers flew. The pylons range in height from 10 to 20 feet.


4361 The Woods Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Almost 1,800 acres of maritime forest, marshes, and swamplands make up the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve. This reserve is among the biggest Maritime Forest Reserves in the nation. Miles of hiking trails, backcountry routes, playgrounds, picnic sites, and spaces for kayaks and paddleboards are all part of this breathtaking setting.


4351 The Woods Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Deep amid the Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve is 16-acre Sandy Run Park. The park has a diversity of species, covered pavilions, picnic spots, a Wright Brothers Memorial, and numerous fantastic creekside hiking routes.


Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 5353 N Virginia Dare Trail

There have been several improvements to the historic Kitty Hawk Pier since Hurricane Isabel damaged it in 2003. However, in 2006, the house and pier underwent a stunning renovation. For weddings, birthday parties, and other private events, The Pier House provides a distinctive location. Anyone may enjoy the fantastic view of the Atlantic Ocean by strolling along the pier.

Another great place to fish in the neighborhood is the Kitty Hawk Pier. Expert fishermen may typically catch flounder, largemouth bass, sheepshead, and small mullets, among other species. Getting a pass is required before fishing from the Kitty Hawk Pier.


Let’s visit some of Kitty Hawk’s best local businesses.


3708 North Croatan Highway, Suite #4, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

A hip local store called Outer Banks offers a variety of goods including jewelry, furniture, home goods, and artwork created locally. It’s a nice idea to purchase a modest gift or souvenir to bring home from the Outer Banks. The finest art collection in Kitty Hawk is owned by the most gracious and knowledgeable people.


3860 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Gray’s Outer Banks sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, and trinkets related to the Outer Banks. They provide a wide range of gifts and athletic goods in addition to apparel for men, women, and kids.


3701 North Croatan Highway, Unit 12, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

There are several stores at Kitty Hawk Plaza, one of which is Starr Boutique. They give a fantastic assortment of modern women’s clothes, shoes, swimsuits, and other accessories to round off your summer look.


Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 3809 N Croatan Hwy Suite E

The entire beef jerky experience is contained in The Beef Jerky Experience. More than a hundred varieties of jerky—including peanuts, hot sauce, popcorn, and wild animal—are available at the store.


3708 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Miss Lizzie’s is a clothes business run by a family. They sell adorable toys and gifts in addition to vibrant, contemporary women’s clothes.


3712 N Croatan Highway C, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Located throughout the Outer Banks, Island Bookshop is a superb independent bookshop. In addition to a vast assortment of books in every genre, the store also sells periodicals, CDs, travel guides, children’s books, and other items.


4116 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Super Wings offers an extensive assortment of everything you would want for a beach getaway. Everything you need is available at Super Wings, including water toys, sand toys, pool floaties, swim trunks, sandals, and sun hats.


Without a visit to the beach, what would a vacation in Kitty Hawk consist of? Your favorite beach activities are now available at Kitty Hawks’ stunning beach. Kitty Hawk has it all: water activities, sunbathing, relaxing, and strolls down the beach.

Between Memorial Day and Labour Day, pets are allowed on Kitty Hawks’ beaches from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., however, all dogs must be leashed. All types of vehicles are not allowed on Kitty Hawk’s beaches. It takes a permit to go fishing. You may get permits online or at any tackle store in your area. Look out for red flag warnings if you wish to go swimming.


Byrd Street | offers handicapped accessibility, porta-potties, parking, showers, security, and a wooden boardwalk.

  1. Fonck Street | Only Parking
  2. Maynard Street | Limited Parking
  3. Bennett Street | Limited Parking
  4. Luke Street | Limited Parking
  5. Eckner Street: Parking/Accessibility
  6. Bleriot Street | Only Parking
  7. Wilkins Street | Limited Parking
  8. Hawks Street | Limited Parking
  9. Balchen Street | Limited Parking
  10. Lillian Street has a parking lot.


3810 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

On the Outer Banks, Big Buck’s Homemade Ice Cream, which has outlets in Kitty Hawk and Corolla, is a well-liked spot for sweet treats. To provide consumers with the most delicious ice cream possible, all ice cream is prepared fresh every day. There are smoothies, coffee drinks, pastries, sorbets, and more available!


3850 North Croatan Highway #3830, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Shopping at Kitty Hawk Plaza, a strip mall, is reasonably priced and of excellent quality. The plaza is home to outlet stores, a thrift store, discount retailers, and other businesses.


3708 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

TRiO offers all you could ask for and more. In addition to offering live music all year long, the restaurant provides fresh sandwiches, cheese platters, entrees, and weekend brunch. After that, stop by their market to check out their excellent assortment of cheese, wine, beer, and trinkets at their stand. The TRiO is a great vehicle for a brief stopover or an after-hours get-together with friends.


300 West Eckner Street, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Year-round public access to a first-rate golf course is provided by Sea Scape Golf Links. Every golfer will be captivated and impressed by the 18-hole course’s unique coastline splendor.


6150 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

The premier water sports leisure center on the Outer Banks is the Kitty Hawk Kayak & Surf School. Around the Outer Banks, they provide the most kayak tours, surf camps, paddleboard excursions, summer programs, and beach equipment rentals.

Visitors are welcome to take part in adventurous kayak trips through places like Kitty Hawk Maritime Forest, year-round paddleboard excursions, and professional instructor-led three-to-five-day surf camps.


Several fantastic restaurants in Kitty Hawk provide anything from Southern comfort food to BBQ. Though it would be impossible to include them all, here are some of our favorites.

The Black Pelican is an oceanfront restaurant.

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 3848 N Virginia Dare Trail

A local favorite, The Black Pelican is located in a former Life Saving Station that was constructed in 1874. The waterfront eatery offers a wide menu in addition to a lovely, rustic, beachy setting. Among other things, they sell sandwiches, burgers, seafood, wood-fired pizzas, and daily specials.

Art’s Location

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 4624 N Virginia Dare Trail

It’s difficult to miss Art’s Place while strolling down the street. You can get a sense of the diner’s character from the vibrant, vivid sign that features the name of the establishment. Since Art’s Place opened in 1978, everyone has come to know what a wonderful and sincere individual Art was. Every meal is carefully made, whether it’s a delectable breakfast, a gourmet sandwich, or burger, or anything else. This neighborhood institution is something you don’t want to miss.

Shipwrecks Taproom and Grill

4020 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Shipwrecks is the newest taphouse and restaurant in Kitty Hawk, and it has just about everything you could want! With 22 beers on tap, a dog-friendly patio, excellent seafood and burgers, and indoor and outdoor dining options, this two-story restaurant has it all. It’s a terrific venue to watch a sporting event because they have over 25 televisions and are kid-friendly.

Rundown Café

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949 5218 N Va Dare Trail

Artisan Caribbean and Pacific Rim cuisine is served in the vibrant, kid-friendly Rundown Cafe. The vibrant restaurant provides delicious meals and throws entertaining events like Fried Chicken Night every Monday. Come for a show or delicious cuisine.

Hurricane Mo’s Beachside Bar and Grill is located on the beach.

120 East Kitty Hawk Road, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Hurricane Mo’s has had a complete renovation and now has an even better appearance! With 360-degree views of the ocean (perfect for sunsets), live music, and a large menu with all of your favorite seafood meals, they offer one of the nicest outdoor patios in Kitty Hawk. In addition to fantastic happy hour fare, Hurricane Mo’s serves up tacos, wings, and steamed prawns.

The Sandtrap Inn

300 West Eckner Street, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

The primary restaurant and bar at Sea Scape Golf Links is called Sandtrap Tavern. With its view of the green, the neighborhood pub and grill is a terrific spot to meet and enjoy pub-style fare and drinks.

The beachfront Hurricane Mo’s Beachside Bar and Grill is located.

Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, 120 East Kitty Hawk Road

After being restored, Hurricane Mo is now even more magnificent than before! With live music, a huge menu featuring your favorite seafood delicacies, and 360-degree views of the ocean (ideal for sunsets), they have one of the best outdoor patios in Kitty Hawk. Hurricane Mo’s provides tacos, wings, and steamed prawns. They also have a great happy hour.

The Sandtrap Hotel

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 27949, 300 West Eckner Street

The main dining establishment and bar at Sea Scape Golf Links is called Sandtrap Tavern. With its view of the green, the community bar and grill is a great place to meet and enjoy pub-style food and delectable drinks.

The Boat and the Pony

3712 N Croatan Highway Unit A, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Southern-style comfort cuisine is served at the classic, elegant beachside restaurant, The Pony and the Boat. They serve delectable seafood delicacies including baked NC oysters and flounder and have a full-service bar. Popular menu items at The Pony and the Boat include savory pot pies, homemade jams, and brunch.

Barbecue High Cotton

5230 North Virginia Dare Trail, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

A traditional Southern barbecue joint, High Cotton Barbecue serves sweet tea, pulled pork prepared in the North Carolina manner, brisket, chicken, and other dishes. Its affordable prices, large serving sizes, and excellent food are unmatched.

Baja Grill Bad Bean

4146 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

A classic Southern barbecue joint, High Cotton Barbecue serves pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and sweet tea in the manner of North Carolina barbecue. The enormous volumes, excellent quality, and affordable rates are unmatched.

Captain Frank’s Hot Dogs

3800 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

Hotdogs from Cap’n Franks are the best! More than just serving up hot dogs, Cap’n Franks is about crafting the kind of hot dog experiences that have bonded families for decades. They also manufacture their footlongs, hand-pulled pork, and other goods, including their own “all beef chili” made from family traditions.

The Outer Bean Cafe

3701 North Croatan Highway, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

The Outer Bean Cafe is a fantastic place to begin your day. Together with a selection of simple breakfast dishes, sandwiches, and sides, this vibrant, friendly cafe delivers all of your favorite coffee beverages, freshly squeezed juices, and smoothies.


While there are plenty of fun things to do in Kitty Hawk, it’s always a great idea to spend a day exploring the surrounding region outside of the city. These are a few places you just have to see outside of Kitty Hawk.

The State Park of Jockey’s Ridge

Nags Head, NC 27959, 300 W Carolista Dr

Kitty Hawk is roughly sixteen minutes distant from the well-known Jockey Ridge State Park in Nags Head. The stunning 427-acre park is the most visited state park in North Carolina and features the highest living dune system on the East Coast. The most well-liked activity in the region is hang gliding, but there are also hiking paths stretching a mile, paddle boarding, picnic sites, swimming, kitesurfing, and access to wetland ecosystems for tourists to enjoy.

The Avalon Pier

2111 North Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

The 700-foot-long Avalon Pier connects to the Atlantic Ocean. Having served the community for more than 60 years, the famous pier is among the greatest on the Outer Banks. Visitors may enjoy inexpensive drinks at the Stonefish Beach Bar, delicious seafood from the snack shack, family fishing, the arcade, and sunset viewing on the beach.

The Adventure Park of First Flight

Nags Head, NC 27959, 6716 S Croatan Hwy

Nestled against the stunning Outer Banks scenery is First Flight Adventure Park, a top-tier amusement park and obstacle course. In addition to other sports, the park offers night climbing, 50 obstacles, and 14 ziplines. Every zipline and obstacle has a different level of difficulty and is meant for kids six years old and older. The place to go if you’re a thrill-seeker searching for something new is First Flight Adventure Park.


Are you trying to find annual events in the Kitty Hawk area? Here are a few of my top picks.

Wright Kite Festival (July 14-15, 2023).

National Memorial to the Wright Brothers

The Wright Kite Festival honors aviation each year! Not only may visitors fly their kites, but they can also create their kites for their children to take home and take part in free stunt and power kite flying classes. Among other things, there will be 100-foot, octopus, and 80-foot panda kites.

OBX Arts & Crafts Festival will take place from August 28 to September 3, 2023.

Kitty Hawk, NC 5353 N Virginia Dare Trail

The week of August 28 is when the 25th annual arts and crafts fair on the Kitty Hawk Pier will take place. Twenty-four local artists will set up booths to sell their creations, which will include paintings, jewelry, fiber arts, photos, glass works, and other items. Attendance at the event is free.

Hang Gliding Extravaganza (May 18-21, 2023)

Jockey’s Ridge State Park is the location.

The Hang Gliding Spectacular will take place in Jockey’s Ridge State Park in May this year. The four days will feature hang gliding contests and demonstrations open to pilots worldwide. Retro-gliding demonstrations, films, picture shows, and other activities are planned. The biggest event to date, which drew over 100 pilots last year (2022), is anticipated to draw even more this year!

Outer Banks Activities: 17+ Fun Things To Do In Kitty Hawk, NC



Kitty Hawk is a must-visit destination for anybody considering a trip to the Outer Banks because of its breathtaking scenery, fun activities for the whole family, excellent dining options, and interesting events. Compared to other Outer Banks (OBX) locations, it is a more serene experience, yet this lets visitors fully appreciate the beauty of the region. You won’t be disappointed when you visit Kitty Hawk.

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