21 Stunning Locations To See In Mallorca Via Car

With its warm sunshine beaming through the windscreen, sandy beaches, and sea air, Mallorca is a great destination to discover by automobile!

It might be challenging to make a schedule for seeing everything on this Balearic island because there is so much to see, from the breathtaking cities and beaches along the coast to the charming mountain villages, breathtaking lookouts, and historic structures. Have no fear—we’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 locations to see in Mallorca by vehicle in this post, all based on our own road trip experience there. These are the places we love to see when traveling in our rental vehicle, along with some professional advice to help you get the most out of your trip.

After looking over the list, you may choose which regions appeal to you as a couple and receive our recommendation on how many days to spend in Mallorca. You may then arrange a road trip to Mallorca to experience all of the vacation’s highlights! I’ve prepared a short movie with some of the highlights for you, Taylor, so let’s get started.

21 Stunning Locations To See In Mallorca Via Car

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21 Places to Visit by Car in Mallorca

1. Palma

You will be visiting Mallorca in some capacity because Palma will likely serve as your home base while you are there. You should still make time to explore Palma even if you decide to stay in one of the more sedate, romantic towns, like Banyalbufar (which we heartily suggest).

The largest and most populated city on the island is Palma de Mallorca, which also serves as its capital. To see Palma’s key sights, we advise parking in the city center and exploring on foot. Parking in Palma is a pain, and driving between them will take a lot of time, so it’s best to park once and walk.

Palma becomes quite congested and touristy, especially during the summer, so expect to be surrounded by people! Palma, on the other hand, boasts excellent restaurants, several pubs, shopping, and much more! During your visit, you should look into the following.

  • Located in the center of the old town is Santa Maria de Palma’s Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral. It’s huge, making it hard to miss! It’s also really beautiful!
  • The Royal Palace of La Almudaina was built in the fourteenth century and is now home to the Spanish king and queen.


  • Luxurious brand companies line the exquisite and lovely Passeig Del Born! Perfect for a couple looking to shop and get mementos from Spain!
  • The Playa de Palma is located near Palma de Mallorca, which has one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean! We liked Gelato Boutique Paseo Martimo, so you could spend time there browsing the promenade or lounging on the beach.


  • The Teatre Principal and the intersections of Calle de los Olmos, Va Roma, and Calle Barón de Pinopar are connected by the paved Rambla. It’s a great place for a great city walk because not many people know about it!
  • Oh, how we adored this little bakery at Plaça Espana, Pandora S’Estació! They have the best ensamadas, and you can see them being prepared because part of the floor is glass. This station doubles as an eating institution and a tourist site.

2. Castell De Bellver

To reach the top of this stunning castle, you’ll need to drive to the outskirts of Palma and drive up a hill! To house kings, the caste was constructed in the Gothic style in the fourteenth century. Unless you visit on a Sunday when admission to the castle is free, you will need to purchase a ticket to enter.

3. Santa Catalina Island

Over time, Santa Catalina has become Palma’s most sought-after neighborhood. It’s just around 25 minutes from the city center, so you could take a stroll there or use it as a stopover when traveling someplace.

Either way, you’ll discover a charming, artistic neighborhood full of lively eateries and little cafés. The Santa Catalina Mercado is also located there. Check visit Caller Annibal for a range of exquisite cafés and Caller Fabrica for a choice of eateries! The windmills should also be visible; they are around a minutes drive from the Mercat region.

4. Alcudia

Another town in the north, Alcudia, is a unique combination of historical value and a contemporary beach resort. The settlement is defined by the medieval walls that encircle it!

It’s a great spot to relax on the stunning sandy beaches or explore the little lanes dotted with Roman ruins, museums, and delicious eateries. It also has a fantastic Cuttlefish and Nautical Festival in April!

5. Valldemossa

It is impossible to look for tourist destinations without discovering Valldemossa. This lovely community is encircled by stunning slopes and perched above the Serra de Tramuntana hillside! Park your car in one of the two spacious spots and take some time to stroll about. Two of the most popular sights in the neighborhood are Jardins Rei Joan Carles and the Royal Carthusian Monastery.

It’s also ideal for simply drifting about the hamlet with no plans in mind. There are several little streets to discover!

6. Deiá

Another quaint small town is Deiá. Save for the fact that parking is harder to come by, it’s rather comparable to Valldemossa, so make plans accordingly. It is also very well-liked by tourists, so there might be a lot of traffic!

Since Deiá is well-known among well-known writers and artists, there are many businesses and art galleries to check out. El Olivio is another restaurant worth checking out. It has one of the most stunning settings we’ve ever seen. It is tough for tourists to get in, and bookings are not accepted!

7. Sa Foradada Viewpoint

Note that although the sunset view is amazing, it’s also one of the most crowded spots we’ve ever seen, as the illustration below shows.

Arriving at least an hour before nightfall makes Mirador Sa Foradad, which is only a 10-minute drive away, well worth a visit if you chance to be in the Deiá region at sunset. At the restaurant Chill Out Sa Foradada, you may eat and sip wine while taking in the sunset. But it might get so crowded that it’s inconvenient to arrive late and not be able to locate a seat.

8. Sóller and Port of Sóller

Nestled in the “Valley of Oranges,” Sóller is a quaint hamlet renowned for its delicious oranges! There are many interesting streets to explore in the hamlet, along with the same sandstone-colored homes with green shutters.

Sóller’s main square, Plaça Constitució, is packed with cafés and restaurants. But because most of them are a little “touristy,” we advise dining away from the square. Since Mr. McCoys Island Ices, which is located right outside the center, has the finest ice cream we’ve ever had, we honestly simply had ice cream for lunch. They provide unique flavors like Mallorcan orange and saffron or Mallorcan lemon and bergamot and use fresh fruit. I pass away.

9. Fornalutx

With a view of the Sóller Valley, this charming and ancient community is located in the Tramuntana Mountain Range. Often called the “prettiest village in Spain,” this is a beautiful area to wander around for an hour or two.

10. Jardines de Alfabia

This gorgeous garden demonstrates the Arab influence that has shaped Mallorca throughout the years. The grounds include various tropical plants and flowers, lovely, serene walks, a modest home museum, and a small café. It’s a beautiful area to stroll about for a few hours, and getting some freshly made cake is a wonderful thing to do with your significant other!

11. Banyalbufar

Most tourists make the grave error of missing Banyalbufar when visiting Valldemossa, Deiá, and Sóller. Nestled deeper into the hill than others, this quaint little West Coast village of just 500 residents is as endearing. This provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range. It boasts breathtaking ancient hillside terraces that down to the ocean!

12. Ses Salines

Ses Salines, which means “salt source,” is a small inland village on the south coast of Mallorca that is well-known for its salt industry. This little town is not very popular, but it has a lot of great restaurants and cafés, and it’s just next to the well-known Es Trenc beach.

13. Es Pontás Mirador

This is THE region in Mallorca where you should observe the sunset, and it’s also a great site to drive past. Es Pontás is an underwater natural rock structure with a central hole. It also has a cliff jumping area and a rope swing for guests to enjoy.

Park in a little lot and walk down to the “residents only” sign (don’t worry, you’re OK!) to reach the Mirador. I can attest to my scars—don’t wear sandals on the steep and rough descent as I did!

14. Santanyi

Another gorgeous town, seemingly isolated and bohemian, is close to Es Pontás. Though there’s not much to see here, who wouldn’t want to explore as many charming little Mallorcan towns as they could?

15. Torre Nova (New Tower)

This was what we found when looking for Es Pontás! Dating back to 1577, this historic observation trip is currently a well-liked trekking attraction. But we thought the view of the Mediterranean was breathtaking, and this is a secluded location!

To reach there, locate a parking lot close to Sa Torre Nova on Google Maps, then use the resident-only route. You’ll become aware of it fast!

16. Cala Santanyi

Our favorite beach was this one. It is nestled under a cover of woods and rocks, which accentuates the blue hue of the lake! It was also very quiet when we visited in October, and it appeared like Spanish locals were vacationing there rather than a horde of tourists (you know, the ones that pronounce Mallorca as “Majorca” rather than “Mallorca”). Amid the hectic summer, this might not be the case!

17. Cala Figuera

These quaint cottages in this 14th-century seaside town are painted white. In addition to being a pleasant change of pace from the little mountain towns, it’s a terrific spot to dine and stroll the streets.

18. ort de Pollenca

Most people know this quaint small town in Mallorca’s north as a vacation town with gorgeous beaches, clean seas, and many interesting restaurants and cafés! This is a great site to visit in the morning if you can get there in time for sunrise!

19. Port d’Andratx

We’re not sure why Andratx isn’t on many people’s lists of Mallorcan attractions. Surrounded by yachts, this little fishing town is known as one of the island’s most opulent holiday spots. It’s even said that the cities seen on the slopes are owned by celebrities!

20. Cap de Formentor With Lighthouse

Cap De Formentor, which means “end of Formentor,” is a location on the northern shore of Mallorca. This is a breathtakingly steep route that culminates at a lighthouse that is renowned for spectacular sunsets!

NOTE:  Summertime access to the lighthouse is challenging because the road is restricted from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. To ensure that you are first in the queue when it opens at 7 p.m., you should arrive early and wait.

21. Mirador Es Colomer

This viewpoint is well-liked for sunset watching; it’s located en route to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse above. Perched on a rock, the lookout offers expansive vistas of the sea and the Serra Tramuntana! Wonderful!

Plus, if you get there later than everyone else, it’s romantic!

Itinerary for a Recommended Road Trip

This page will assist you in organizing your days, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive itinerary—we have one prepared for our week in Mallorca.

Here are some recommendations for “doable” things to explore in a single day, based on our own driving experiences in these areas. After that, you may choose the number of days you want to spend driving around Mallorca:

  • One day: Castell Belver, Santa Catalina, and Palma de Mallorca
  • A one-day excursion to Port D’Andratx, Valldemossa, and Banyalbufar.
  • Sóller and its port, Jardines de Alfabia, Fornalutx, Deiá, and Mirador Sa Foradada may all be visited on the same day.
  • excursion to Cala Figuera, Santany, Cala Santanyi, Mirador Es Pontás, Torre Nova (New Tower), and Ses Salines for one day.
  • a day trip to Cap de Formentor, Alcudia, Port de Pollenca, and Mirador es Colomer.

These days are so hectic! Select the category that most interests you from the list below, then create a strategy for your bucket list if you don’t have five days.

21 Stunning Locations To See In Mallorca Via Car



Even though the stunning island offers a lot to see, you now know the top 21 locations to visit in Mallorca by vehicle and why renting a car is the ideal way to fully enjoy the island! To make the most of your trip to Spain, you may spend your days seeing the island’s many facets. Our guide will make sure you visit the best parts of every place!

We hope that this information will be helpful to you when you visit Mallorca, and once you are here, we would love to hear about your favorite places to go!

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