The Complete Guide to Sunset Beach, NC, for 2024

This is the ideal spot to visit if you’re considering a trip to Sunset Beach, North Carolina! After hiking through the state’s waterfalls, visitors may unwind at Sunset Beach, a quiet and serene beach that is apart from the other popular (and crowded!) beaches in North Carolina.

You won’t have to worry about trying to unwind while trying to play “spot your towel” in a sea of sun worshippers or getting sand in your swimsuit from little children running about!

Sunset Beach is one of the few spots in the world where you can watch both the dawn and the sunset, in addition to kilometers of sand, delicious seafood, and fantastic surfing. Caleb and I had a romantic weekend trip by car, and it was great. We can categorically say that Sunset Beach is one of our favorite beaches in North Carolina after having an amazing weekend there, where we found hidden treasures and the best restaurants! Do you both enjoy eating a lot of food? It offers excellent seafood.

Do you enjoy lounging on the beach with each other? Can you work for hours like this? Would you want to take a tour of the lovely little coastal communities in North Carolina with me? There are plenty of them!

Come on, let’s get in! The water is nice and warm! (I can’t resist.)

The Complete Guide to Sunset Beach, NC, for 2024

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Sunset Beach is located in North Carolina

In the southwest of Brunswick County, North Carolina, sits Sunset Beach. It is the final Atlantic beach constructed before the border with South Carolina and the southernmost beach in the Brunswick Islands.

This sleepy beach town is located on an island barrier between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, with about one-third of its area on the island. The remaining portion of the town is situated on the northern mainland, with Bird Island and Ocean Isle Beach to the west and the South Carolina border to the south.

What is the distance between Sunset and Myrtle Beach?

From the heart of Myrtle Beach, Sunset Beach—the final developed beach before South Carolina—is about 45 to 50 minutes away! Driving time to Northern Myrtle Beach is around thirty minutes! The two beaches may even be combined for an amazing road trip via North and South Carolina! Hi, seafood, the sea breeze, and southern cooking!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Sunset Beach?

The time of year you choose to visit Sunset Beach will mostly depend on your goals. “It’s a beach; what else would I want but a nice tan and a cocktail with an umbrella,” you may be asking yourself. I understand. The ideal times to visit Sunset Beach are in these two seasons:

When Is the Best Time to Visit for Heat?

In July and August, when the heat is at its highest, travel to North Carolina if you want to bake in the sun and get crispy and brown! The highest temperature recorded was 88.5°F on average, with nighttime lows seldom falling below 74°F.

Keep in mind that since this is the busiest travel season, hotels will cost more and the beaches will be congested. But feel free to get nudged by the person with the coconut aroma sitting next to you if that’s okay! This is your opportunity.

Go to Sunset Beach in the autumn (September or October), when daily highs vary from 86.7°F to 64.5°F, if you want to see fewer people and don’t mind somewhat colder (but STILL WARM!) weather. Additionally, there are fewer tourists, therefore prices start to go down! Even in September, when we went, the weather was still pleasant enough for tanning!

If beach travel is not your thing, you might want to try December through February. You won’t be able to get a tan, but everything will be far less crowded, far less expensive, and much less bustling!

Sunset Beach, North Carolina Weather

This is a brief chart that illustrates the typical temperature for each season; further details are provided below!

During the winter

There was a range in average temperature from 55.6°F (13.1°C) to 63°F (17.2°C).

Oh, wintertime at Sunset Beach! It might be a little cool for a beach day, but it’s still warmer than a lot of other places. The range of expected temperatures is mid-50s to low-60s.

Spring has arrived.

The range of average temperatures was 82.8°F (28.2°C) to 58.8°F (14.9°C).

Springtime is when Sunset Beach shines brightest. The flowers begin to blossom and the weather is pleasant. Highs in May should be in the low 80s, which makes it a fantastic time to go exploring. There will also be plenty of bright days to enjoy the sunshine, with just 5 to 6 days of rain every month.

During the summer,

The average temperature is 31.4°C (88.5°F).

Hi there, Summer! It’s around this time when Sunset Beach is at its hottest. This is the ideal time of year for swimming, tanning, and other beach activities because temperatures are expected to climb. However, take note: it might become rather humid!


From 64.5°F (18.1°C) to 86.7°F (30.4°C), there is a temperature range.

fall at Sunset Beach is a blend of fall foliage and summer warmth. Although the weather is significantly wetter with five to six days of rain each month, the temperatures are still pleasant.

Restaurants in Sunset Beach

This little town has a surprising number of great eateries, especially if you like fish as much as we do! Delicious cuisine is a must-have for any enjoyable trip, so here are Sunset Beach’s top eateries to satisfy your cravings:

  • Breakfast is served at Sarah’s Kitchen. Sample the freshly baked cookies or pancakes at this well-liked local restaurant.
  • Seafood with a view is served at The Boat Landing. Taste the beach basket with fried seafood or the prawns and grits!


  • A tasty burger and other traditional pub cuisine can be found at Fibber McGees.


  • If you’re hungry for pasta, steak, or any other Italian dish, go over to La Cucina.


  • For a quick lunch, sandwiches, or coffee that rivals the best eateries in Raleigh: Beachside Café

Outside of Sunset Beach:

I can’t forget about Sunset Beach and Calabash; we enjoy the food there, and it’s only a 5-minute drive away.

  • The Greatest Bagels: AMAZING hand-made bagels may be found at Calabash’s renowned Bagel Dock Cafe, just a short 10-minute drive away. It had us spellbound!
  • The casual seafood is available at Calabash’s Waterfront Seafood Shack. I ordered prawns and the catch of the day, while Caleb had their delectable carb cakes. Excellent, fresh, and worth the ten-minute trip from Sunset Beach.

The “Calabash-style” seafood, which is served with hush puppies and is fried to a light crust, is the specialty of Calabash. Additionally, it is usually served buffet-style! We had some of the greatest seafood in this tiny town!

Things to Do in Sunset Beach, North Carolina

There’s a lot more to Sunset Beach than meets the eye! There are a tonne of other activities available at Sunset Beach, such as:

See the Kindred Spirit Mailbox on Bird Island, stocked with journals and pencils on either side of a bench. After penning down their deepest hopes, anxieties, and dreams, people go along the beach for thirty minutes and discard their writings by the waves.

  • “Every Breath!” by Nicholas Sparks was inspired by the mailbox.
  • Take a passenger-only boat tour of Bald Head Island and take in the stunning sunsets. Perfect for a romantic evening! Where to go on a date.
  • Discover the Swing Bridge and Museum: A tiny museum currently occupies the swing bridge that formerly linked the island to the mainland.
  • Golf Courses: There are several golf courses near the shore if playing golf is your favorite pastime.
  • Go to Ocean Isle Beach! also’s a 10-minute drive from Sunset Beach and has a bit more activity, is busier, and is more commercialised, but also has more places to eat, shop, and hang out!

This is only the beginning of what Sunset Beach has to offer; there is much more to discover.

Helpful Travel Planning Hints

  1. Use our Sunset Beach tide chart if you’re planning a vacation there and want to maximize your time on the sea. Over the following two weeks, you will get information that will be quite helpful in organizing your vacation!
  2. Would you want to know the current weather or the approximate number of people you might anticipate seeing at the beach? View the webcam at Sunset Beach, North Carolina!
  3. Are you trying to find a vacation rental? The specialty of Sunset Properties is beachfront real estate! They also provide real estate!
  4. It could take some time to find a location to park because there aren’t many at the beach access sites! If iyou can departearly.

Packing List for a Day at the Beach

Get ready to enjoy this stunning beach to the fullest! This is what we think you ought to have.

  • Of course, sunblock.
  • A wonderful sunhat.
  • Snacks such as granola bars and bananas.
  • Drink plenty of water since it becomes pretty hot!
  • A huge beach towel!
  • Your swimsuit suit! A lovely bikini for women, and wonderful swim trunks for men.
  • A beach umbrella may give shade from the sun. This beach umbrella includes a built-in table, which we love.
  • Water shoes will protect your feet from shells.
  • If you want to go shopping, get a lovely beach cover-up.
  • A large beach bag to hold everything.
  • Beach chairs that are both comfy and lightweight.
  • Snorkeling equipment.
  • A great beach cooler for keeping your drinks and food cool!
  • A water-resistant, small speaker to keep the party going. We adore our Boom 3.

The Complete Guide to Sunset Beach, NC, for 2024



I know what you’re thinking—after reading about this amazing beach, you’re immediately putting on sunscreen, feeling the salty wind through the screen, and you can almost hear “Margaritaville” playing. If you like anything “beachy,” Sunset Beach ought to be high on your list of destinations!

Once you’ve enjoyed the greatest seafood and lazed on the beach, you’ll probably decide to make it an annual vacation!

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