The Ultimate Mallorca Wish List: 37 Trip Ideas

Are you planning a trip to Mallorca and wondering what activities to include on your bucket list to ensure you don’t miss anything? You’ve come to the right place!

A wonderful vacation spot for all couples is Mallorca! There are lovely beaches for individuals who simply wish to unwind. It has fantastic cuisine if that’s all you want to do, along with drinking. Trekking the breathtaking mountains is an option if you’re feeling very daring! After a week-long trip to our new favorite island, Mallorca, Caleb and I, Taylor, created the ideal bucket list fit for any couple’s travel preferences.

To assist you have the best trip possible, we’ll include both touristic and off-the-beaten-path activities in this article! Let’s start with a video that highlights some of the major attractions in Mallorca so you can start making your bucket list!

The Ultimate Mallorca Wish List: 37 Trip Ideas

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Bucket List Adventures

This section of your bucket list is dedicated to the things you really must do while visiting the island—not to the sights you simply must see.

1. Take a road trip

Mallorca has some amazing routes that pass by breathtaking views of the ocean, striking mountains, and the cutest tiny towns! It also has some really dangerous roads, such as the Ma-10, but you really should do a road trip around Mallorca, so don’t let that stop you!

PRO TIP: A road trip is the best option if you want to visit Mallorca in February since you can see everything and stay dry in your car in the event of rain.

2. Watch The Sunset

Mallorca has some of Spain’s most exquisite sunsets—even more breathtaking than the ones we witnessed during our four days in Madrid! Nothing compares to the sky becoming a vivid orange, pink, and yellow over the Mediterranean’s turquoise-blue waters! Kissing at sunset is another essential activity for couples!

  • Places to See Sunsets
  • Our first choice is Mirador Es Pontas.
  • There is a hidden gem near the Port of Andratx.

    Sa Foradada is overrated; it’s fantastic but much too crowded!

3. Operate The Ma-10

This should only be on your Mallorca bucket list if you are a confident driver. Additionally, we advise against using this in the winter, especially in January. On the island, the Ma-10 is one of the most attractive and hazardous roads.

This is particularly true if you take the “snake road” to Sa Calobra. The road winds along the edge of the cliff, providing breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. It is hairpin-turning, narrow, and barrier-free.

4. Swim In The Mediterranean On A Catamaran

The blue color of the sea in Mallorca was so striking that it’s much more apparent when you’re in the middle of it! Taking a catamaran trip that stops in the middle so you can swim or float is the best way to accomplish this! Everyone should have the unique pleasure of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea! The best part is that you can travel right from Palma Centre to have this experience; you don’t even need to stay somewhere with a car!

Just make sure you plan your vacation properly! Should you schedule your trip too early, let’s say in May, the waves can be too rough.

5. Check out Natural Rock Formations.

The most beautiful rock formations of Mallorca may be seen on its south and southeast sides; they resemble the Algarve area of Portugal! Our favorite is Es Pontas, which is close to Santanyi and is a great place to come as the sun sets in Mallorca.

6. Take a Ride on an Antique Train

To go to Port Soller in the heart of Palma, you may board a charming vintage wooden train built-in 1912 (across from Plaza Espana). It passes through breathtaking orchards, mountains, and highways!

7. Pay A Visit To A Working Orchard

There are citrus fruit groves all around Mallorca, but Soller is one of the most well-known, particularly for oranges. A fifteen-minute walk from Soller’s center is the developing citrus farm Ecovinyassa. Make reservations; this is a crucial matter!

8. Hike The mountain range of Serra Tramuntana

Mallorca is home to the Serra Tramuntana Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to its beaches and sea! There are charming communities on these lovely, gently sloping hills that you are welcome to visit and perhaps stay in guest houses while traveling through!

The GR-221 Dry Stone Route is a 100-kilometer path that may be finished in 4-8 days, depending on your pace, if you choose to walk. The finest weather is in Mallorca in March, so come visit!

9. Drive to the Lighthouse at Cap de Formentor

The northernmost point of Mallorca is the Cap de Formentor, where a single road leads to a lighthouse. The perfect timing will reward you with stunning views of the ocean, mountains, and sunsets!

10. Stay on a finca

You two had to go away from Palma’s crazy “scene” and spend some time in a quiet, very romantic “Finca.” Fincas are charming stone homes that farmers rent to visitors while they stay on the property.

They often have delicious breakfasts and provide serene, lovely settings in which to relax after a tiring day of seeing Mallorca!

11. Enrol in a Paella Making Class

Our favorite part of the entire trip was this! Caleb and I love to cook together, so visiting her father’s one-bedroom home in Banyalbufar to make paella in her gorgeous gardens was a terrific way to meet locals. The paella is the greatest we’ve ever had, the wine is flowing, and the conversation is lively!

Mallorca Food Bucket List

It’s time to discuss all of the must-eat traditional Mallorcan treats if you want to have an incredible bucket list! We advise taking this gastronomic adventure to satiate them all and then some!

12. Pa Amb Oli 

Though the name “Pampoglia” is used frequently, it simply means “bread with oil.” Its simplicity doesn’t fool me; it tastes really good! Pan de cristál, a Mallorcan bread akin to focaccia, is served first.

Once the bread is perfectly toasted, a half tomato is spread over it, and then a generous amount of olive oil and sea salt is drizzled over it. In the United States, so many people have become fixated with it.

13. Sobrasada 

Speaking of which, sobrasada is another meal that hungry guests simply must eat. It’s a raw cured sausage that has a chorizo-like spreadability. When coupled with a crispy, fatty spread and covered in cheese, it’s almost life-giving.

Yes. Please travel to Mallorca with some flexible trousers. This is where you heard it first.

14. Ensamada 

Their specialty dessert is this one. It is a simple pastry formed like a spiral that is produced using hog fat. It tastes nothing like pork, yet it’s delicious and airy! In addition to being dusted with powdered sugar, the basic form can be filled with pumpkin jam or vanilla pudding!

15. Tumblr

Serve this warm or room-temperature vegetable dish baked in terracotta. It is similar to Ratatouille on Mallorca.

16. Coca De Trampo 

We just eat what I refer to as Mallorcan pizza! A simple flatbread with a range of toppings is called a coca. “Trampo,” a concoction of tomato, onion, and green pepper topped with copious amounts of olive oil, is the most often used topping!

17. Orange Juice, freshly squeezed

Since you’re on a citrus-loving island, make sure you drink enough freshly squeezed citrus juice! It’s bright and beautiful everywhere and available at practically every café!

Locations to Visit on Your Bucket List

This section of our bucket list is devoted to certain locations that you really must see, from charming seaside villages to highland metropolises.

19. Drach Caves 

One of the biggest subterranean lakes in the world and four enormous caves make up the Drach Caves system. Even though it’s a tourist destination, this is a stunning place to see, especially if you go to one of the classical music events held there!

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20. Cala Figuera

These quaint cottages in this 14th-century seaside town are painted white. Compared to the little mountain towns, it gives a refreshing change of pace and is a terrific area to stroll around the streets.

21. Deia

Our favorite spot in Mallorca is Deiá, a little hilltop town in the Serra Tramuntana mountains. Since Deiá is well-known among well-known writers and artists, there are many businesses and art galleries to check out. El Olivio is another restaurant worth checking out. It has one of the most stunning settings we’ve ever seen.

21. Valdemossa

You’ve probably heard about Valldemossa if you’ve spent more than two seconds planning your trip to Mallorca. This lovely village is surrounded by gorgeous hills and is situated in the Serra de Tramuntana. Two of the most popular sights in the neighborhood are Jardins Rei Joan Carles and the Royal Carthusian Monastery.

23. Fornalutx

Another gorgeous town, but they never grow old, and because this is a piece for the bucket list, we have to make the most spectacular one! Known as the “prettiest village in Spain,” Fornalutx is a beautiful location to explore for an hour or two.

24. Banyalbufar 

Valldemossa, Deiá, and Sóller are visited by most people, but you want to cross items off your bucket list, right? Thus, you will not act in such a manner. With just 500 people, it’s another wonderful little West Coast village. The biggest draw here is the historic terraced slopes that plunge into the sea.

25. Alcudia 

This village in the north of the island is a singular fusion of contemporary beach resorts and old-world buildings. The actual characteristic that sets Alcudia apart is its walled enclosure from the Middle Ages! It’s a great destination to spend another beach day checking things off your bucket list, or to stroll around the charming alleyways dotted with museums, mouthwatering restaurants, and Roman ruins!

26. Santanyi

You are very loved, slumbering tiny Santanyi! The ambiance of this quaint tiny town next to Es Pontás is calm and bohemian. The only thing to do in this town is stroll around unless you happen to be here on a Wednesday or Saturday.


Let’s now discuss some of Mallorca’s most stunning beaches that you really ought to put on your travel wish list! Sincerely, I think they’re all fantastic. Yet here are a few of the greatest:

27. Es Trenc

One of the most well-known beaches on the island is called Es Trenc, and it stretches across about two kilometers on the south side of the island with stunning white sand and a Caribbean blue sea. If you and your partner enjoy traveling to the beach, you should tick this one off your list right away!

28. Cala Deia

Given that you’re already traveling to Deia on Mallorca, why not swim at Cala Deia? Cala Deia is a little cove beach with lots of pebbles that stretches about 70 meters.

29. Cala Llombards 

Cala Llombards is a cove beach, just like a lot of the beaches on our list. It is located close to Santanyi in the southeast region of the island. Even though it is just around 55 meters long, it spans a significant area and is encircled by stunning cliffs, rocks, and even pine trees!

This is a great place to go snorkeling!

30. Cala Pi 

The paradox is that, although being the first settlement on the island to be recorded, Cala Pi is also one of the least inhabited places to visit! Situated on the south coast, between two cliffs with pine trees growing out of them, is a peaceful, natural harbor. Lovely!

31. Calo Des Moro 

One of Mallorca’s most exquisite beaches, Calo Des Moro is tucked away in a little cove with incredibly blue water. It could get crowded because it’s small and popular with tourists, so plan! If you get there early, you’ll be happy!

Proceed to Cala S’Almunia (as seen below) by following the stairs from Carrer des Caló des Moro Street, and then proceed to Caló des Moro.

32Cala Santanyi 

We particularly liked this beach, even though it is not a well-known tourist destination. It was really quiet when we visited in October, and it appeared like native Spanish people were vacationing there rather than a horde of tourists (you know, the ones that pronounce Mallorca as “Majorca” rather than “Mallorca”). Amid the hectic summer, this might not be the case!

Historical Attractions on Your Bucket List

Finally, historical sites on the island that you really must see before leaving should be on your bucket list!

33. Santa Maria de Palma Cathedral

It is hard to overlook the magnificent Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral located in the heart of the ancient town. It’s enormous—it’s one of Europe’s tallest churches, after all! You have to see the largest Gothic rose window in the world, located there as well!

34. La Almudaina Royal Palace

The palace and the cathedral are very next to each other, so you can cross two things off your bucket list at once. When the Spanish monarch and queen visit Mallorca, they stay in this 14th-century mansion.

35. Bellver Castle 

To house kings, the caste was constructed in the Gothic style in the fourteenth century. It’s a little mountainous and located on the outskirts of Palma, so you’ll need to drive there and back! You might be able to determine whether you need a car in Mallorca based just on that information! To get there, you may alternatively use the hop-on/hop-off bus.

36. Arab Banos 

Discover what’s left of the Arab baths from when Mallorca was ruled by the Moors in the city center. Stunning gardens surround them as well!

PRO TIP:  It’s just a few dollars and cash! Thus, before you travel, make a plan.

37. Son Marroig

This classic Austrian rural home was once owned by Archduke Ludwig Salvator and is now a museum. Today, it is a museum honoring the Archduke, and you may visit it to see the breathtaking views!

The Ultimate Mallorca Wish List: 37 Trip Ideas



It’s as simple as this! You’ll be ready for an amazing trip when you utilize our Mallorca Bucket List to choose how many days to spend in Mallorca!

When visiting the island, we promise you’ll have a fantastic time even if you don’t accomplish everything on our list. From the stunning beaches to the verdant highlands, there is something for everyone, and we’ve covered a little bit of everything on our list. We really hope it’s useful to you!

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