15 Activities You Can Do in Mallorca With Your Partner Besides the Beach

You don’t need the internet to tell you that tanning on the beach is wonderful. You are wise enough to realize that beach time equals an island and the Mediterranean Sea! And, if you’re anything like Caleb and me, you want to mix in some extra “hidden gems” with the standard “touristy” activities at the locations you visit to experience the local way of life!

We took a trip to the Balearic island of Mallorca and enjoyed a variety of unusual activities throughout our 7-day itinerary. We are sharing these activities with you in this post so you may plan a romantic getaway and make the most of your time on the island!

15 Activities You Can Do in Mallorca With Your Partner Besides the Beach

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15 Things To Do In Mallorca With Your Partner

On The Paseo Maritimo, Eat Gelato

Sharing some gelato is a great way to combat the heat. The promenade that is around Palma Harbour is called Paseo Maritimo, and taking a family for a stroll there is highly recommended! We’ve tried a few gelato shops in the vicinity, but our favorite is the Gelato Boutique Paseo Martino! With your significant other, grab a cone or a cup (pistachio is the greatest flavor) and take a Mediterranean Sea cruise! For extra romance, you could split your gelato, but here’s a pro tip: it’s so good you’ll want to eat it all by yourself!

Palma: Eat Your Way Through

This is for couples that enjoy eating, like us! The fact that Mallorca’s food scene differs from the rest of Spain astounded us! They provide the most spreadable sausage, Ensenada pastry, and their take on ‘pizza’. Join us on our culinary tour for a delightful way to spend an afternoon together, as it might not be feasible to sample everything during your vacation! Along with seeing some of the island’s most well-known structures, like the royal palace, you will learn about its food and culture.

Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Are you ready to feel like you’re on a Bachelor date, but with a better possibility of making it work as a couple? A romantic morning balloon tour should be on your Mallorca bucket list! What could be more beautiful than soaring over the magnificent blue and translucent Mediterranean Sea, with the Serra Traumuntana Mountains in the background? You may also add breakfast for a few bucks, which we recommend because breakfast in Palma is rather pricey!

Keep in mind that you’ll be sharing space with others because these are often group outings! Still, it’s a fantastic activity for a couple to undertake. If you’re looking for a private experience, check out this ride! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration with champagne and chocolate strawberries, according to the reports – OH LA LA!

At Sunset, Steal A Kiss

We disagree that you should visit Sa Foradada for the sunset, despite what everyone and their dog will tell you. We won’t stop you from visiting Sa Foradada for sunsets because it’s a lovely sight, but it’s also very busy and packed, so it’s not romantic or delightful. Visit there; it’s well-known. However, if you want to enjoy the sunset, head to Port D’Andratx or Es Pontas in Santanyi.

These are undiscovered beauties that are as stunning but far less crowded! Saying a kiss during a sunset over in the Mediterranean? Folks, it doesn’t get more romantic than this!

Dinner on the Beach Can Be Romantic

Any list of things to do for couples would have to include a romantic dinner on some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches! Although dining on the beach is not permitted, there are many great restaurants with views of the ocean. For example, Restaurant Urbà in Palma accepts patrons over 16 (yeah!), and if you’re feeling adventurous, we suggest sampling the “surprise” menu!

Latitud 39 near Port d’Andratx is another fantastic option, where you may have a romantic supper and share a kiss at dusk!

Spend Your Day On A Catamaran

Why not spend some time on the water together instead of unwinding on the beach? We had fun on our Catamaran trip, which allowed us to swim in the Mediterranean Sea and see some of the island’s less-traveled spots! It’s a great way to spend the day with your significant other and they usually give beer, wine, drinks, and little snacks. You may have this experience without a car because it leaves directly from Palma!

Visit a Winery and Try Some Wine

You may be surprised to learn that Mallorca makes some excellent wines. Not, as a lot of Mallorcan wines aren’t exported, so you could always try something else! It is advised that you arrange a guided tour to enjoy the wine and some nibbles without having to worry about driving when intoxicated! Buy some wine, as it’s a great way to remember your trip to Spain!

Can you picture enjoying a glass of wine while taking in views of the Alps’ vineyards and orchards, particularly in the lovely month of May? *SWOON

A Road Trip Through the Romantic Villages

We had a great time touring Valdemossa, Fornalutx, and Deia, among other beautiful places on the island! We advise hiring a car in Mallorca since it is a faster and more pleasurable way to see them than taking public transportation.

See our guide to driving and car rentals in Mallorca, then reserve a vehicle, play our couple’s road trip playlist, respond to our questions, and get ready to get lost in the most breathtaking and enchanting streets you’ve ever seen. This is not overstating the case!

People drink wine on the Passeig de Born.

You already know that one of the nicest things to do in European cafés is people-watching. One of Palma’s most picturesque streets is the Passeig de Born, which has a lot of great terraces where you can have a glass of wine and people-watch. Or visit in December to partake in MULLED wine and people-watching!

We can’t say for sure, but we think it makes the experience better when you make up the backstories of the folks you meet.

On The Soller Train, Share Coca De Trampo

Although these exercises may be done alone, participating in groups makes them far more memorable. The Coca de Trampo we had was purchased at Forn Des Port in Soller, which is a short stroll from the train station. This bakery is indeed housed within a convenience shop. It’s fantastic (I promise!) and simple to overlook! Take a shareable portion, board the historic train, and enjoy the delectable cuisine as you travel by citrus orchards. We suggest this unusual experience!

Visit Santa Catalina for a Coffee Date

At the moment, Santa Catalina is Palma’s most sought-after neighborhood due to its profusion of excellent eateries, bars, and cafés. It’s a great place to start the day with a hot cup of espresso! We suggest Mama Carmen if Instagram is your thing. They have some very Instagrammable breakfast options! Go to Mallorca in springtime, like March, and take in the neighborhood without the crowds of visitors!

In The Arabian Gardens, Have A Sweet Snack

With good cause, the Jardins de Alfabia are a well-liked tourist destination—they’re stunning and among the greatest locations to explore by automobile! The fact that it has a little café inside is something that most travel websites overlook! It’s the ideal spot to have a delightful tiny cake or the freshest squeezed orange juice you’ve ever tasted while pretending to be dining by yourself in a jungle. Whoa-ha-ha!

Hike through the Serra Tramuntana Mountains.

For the daring pair, Mallorca has fantastic trekking, especially if they go in the colder months of February (if you don’t mind a little rain) or April! You can follow the Grand Route 221 or choose from several smaller hikes that can be completed in a single day through the mountain communities! The island’s main hiking trail is 100 kilometers long and takes four to eight days to finish. You may book accommodations in the towns you visit if you choose to travel!

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is this mountain range!

Enjoy a “Hora De Vermut” at La Rosa.

Both locals and visitors agree that La Rosa, which is close to Plaza Weyler, is one of Palma’s top vermuterias. This little pub is active and gets filled very quickly! The tapas menu is excellent and traditional, as is the vermouth. I am still thinking about the mussels in tomato sauce, oh my god.

Because that’s when Spaniards drink vermouth, the hour before lunch is known as “La Hora de Vermut” in Spain. Go out for a drink and behave like a local!

Gather local ingredients and prepare a meal together

The capital of Mallorca, Palma, has several markets that provide deliciously fresh food that you can bring back to your Airbnb and cook a special supper for two while sipping magnificent Spanish wines from glass bottles! Visit Mercat de l’Olivar, which is close to Placa Espana, for a more authentic experience. Santa Catalina’s market is also excellent, although we felt it was less genuine.

Is Mallorca a Good Destination for Couples?

We can confidently state that Mallorca is an excellent destination for romantic getaways! After traveling throughout Spain and Europe with Caleb, this island is among the most breathtaking locations we have ever visited. It’s worthwhile to visit Mallorca! It’s ideal for us because we think it’s better for couples than for families with kids!

15 Activities You Can Do in Mallorca With Your Partner Besides the Beach



There are some incredible and romantic activities to do in Mallorca for couples, regardless of whether you refer to it as Majorca or Mallorca! On this stunning, sun-kissed island, there are plenty of chances for romance, adventure, and relaxation with the mountains, the blue-blue-blue sea, and breathtaking sunsets serving as the backgrounds!

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