Is a trip to Mallorca worthwhile? 15 Fantastic Reasons to Go

The Balearic island of Mallorca is close to the coast of Spain. Although Ibiza and partying are what most people associate with these Mediterranean islands, they have much more to offer!

We were thus a little nervous when we saw a cheap airfare to Mallorca. Since Caleb and I are in our thirties, we don’t want to spend the entire evening partying. You know, we want amazing dinners, cocktails, romance, and exploration. But we got on the aircraft because we love Spain!

This is the part that says “too long didn’t read”: after spending four days on the island, we were pleasantly pleased by how much we enjoyed it and can categorically state that Mallorca is a worthwhile trip! Whether you are a couple that likes to explore stunning mountain villages or just relax on the beach, Mallorca has an abundance of things to do and places to see!

Here’s why we believe Mallorca ought to be on your list of “places to visit” while traveling with a partner!

Is a trip to Mallorca worthwhile? 15 Fantastic Reasons to Go

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15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mallorca

Lovely beaches

The Caribbean is said to have the world’s most beautiful beaches, yet if that were true, we would all perish on the hill where “Mallorca has the best beaches” is located.

The sea and the white, smooth sand that never gets hot on the beaches make them really lovely. Oh my god, the water. In all your life, you have never seen something so blue. Sitting on the smooth sand and taking in the stunning sea view will convert even those who, like us, find beaches dull.

Fun fact: The lack of nutrients in the blue water prevents algae from thriving.

This mixture is ideal for beaches with a kick-booty vibe, especially when mixed with slightly warm seawater. It is really lovely.

It was surprising that we wanted to spend so much time in Mallorca, and we honestly don’t think we’ve ever been someplace more romantic! In addition to unwinding on the beach, there are a tonne of stunning, dreamlike little mountain towns to discover.

Everywhere you look, there are lovely flowers, snug little wine bars with excellent Spanish wine, and little tapas cafes where you can hide out and enjoy delicious Mallorcan food.

Not to mention one of the most romantic things to do as a couple: sipping wine while watching the sunset on a beautiful evening! Say what you will about romance.

Whether that is warm

If you’re a regular, breathing human who hates the cold, Mallorca is for you. Being a Mediterranean island, you get long summers and mild winters. There’s always that refreshing sea breeze to keep you cool, even on scorching days.

You may leave Palma’s heat behind and head to the mountains if you’re looking for a little more fun in the highlands at lower temperatures.

2 IMPORTANT POINTS: Mallorca has many options for travel, however, the summer months are EXTREMELY hot and muggy, with highs of 80.6°F to 91.4°F. Winter temperatures range from 57.2°F to 62.6°F, which makes swimming unfeasible.

When organizing your trip, bear in mind if you two favor swimming or not in hot weather!

Beautiful Mountains and Landscapes

Yes, the Mediterranean Sea’s azure hue is stunning, but Mallorca offers much more. The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is another feature of Mallorca.

You will stroll among tall, lovely green trees and stones the color of sand that rise to great heights over the incredibly blue lake that forms the mountain range’s backdrop.

As we traveled down the MA-10, one of the island’s most hazardous roads with beautiful views, we had scheduled five-minute breaks.

Along the route, the mountain range offers amazing treks and hundreds of breathtaking sights to visit.

Car or bus access is simple.

To provide you with accurate and practical advice on whether or not you need a car in Mallorca, we drove a rental car around the island for several days and used buses for the remaining days. We are happy to say that both choices make getting about the island quite easy.

Travel is relatively convenient since the mountain roads, despite their meandering nature, link all of the little communities.

The main bus routes service all of the smaller villages, making the bus system exceptionally well-designed. You can get about effortlessly even if you’re in a different nation thanks to the bus system’s user-friendly interface.

Beautiful Small Towns

The quaint small towns of Mallorca were our favourite and most unexpected aspect of the trip. There are many charming tiny villages with brownstone houses and cobblestone pathways to get lost in around the island’s shoreline and the Serra Tramuntana Range. There’s always another amazing vista, vineyard, or gelato shop to explore, whether you visit in the dead of winter or the summer.

The villages have a nostalgic charm and provide some unusual experiences, like taking a Paella class in a one-room home in Banyalbufar or travelling from Palma to Soller on a vintage train from the 20th century.

The following communities are a must-see:

  • Deía
  • Valldemossa
  • Soller (don’t miss the April orange celebration!)
  • Santanyí
  • Banyalbufar
  • Fornalutx

Palma City Life

Although we have talked a lot about Mallorca’s serene beaches and charming villages, the island also has a thriving capital city called Palma de Mallorca.

After relaxing at the beach or admiring the mountains, walk into the city centre and enjoy a nice evening sitting outside on a terrace while sipping a bottle of wine and soaking in the sights, sounds, and smells! Don’t worry, you can drink the water in Palma, so have your ice cubes ready!

Palma has excellent shopping as well. Numerous locally owned businesses and designer boutiques provide distinctive clothing and regional products. Some parts of it are like beachside New York!

Fantastic Food And Drinks

There are fantastic restaurants and bars in the city! Chic eateries offer a wide range of cuisines wherever you turn, along with cozy little cocktail bars for a post-dinner drink—that is if you are old enough to legally consume alcohol!

Mallorca is home to many Michelin-starred eateries, including one of the most exquisite we’ve ever seen, El Olivio in Dea.

Some must-try Mallorcan cuisine include:

  • Sobrassada is a spreadable, chorizo-like sausage that we LOVE. Seriously, we discuss it all the time.
  • Tumbet is the Mallorcan counterpart to ratatouille.
  • Ensamada –  A simple, spiral-shaped pig fat pastry. It does not taste like pork, but it is light, fluffy, and wonderful! Our favorites were at Panaderia S’Estacio in Palma, where you can watch the bakers work through a portion of the glass floor!

Lovely Accommodations

Even though we may think that “a room is just a room,” visiting a gorgeous, romantic hotel or Airbnb is always enjoyable. You’ll discover gorgeous ancient stone hotels adorned with flowers, as well as charming old flats in the Mallorcan style, like the one we slept in!

A Culture that is alive and well

If someone were to inquire, “Is Mallorca worth visiting?” You should be aware that Mallorca is a cultural hotspot! There’s a general “artsy” feel to it, and as you meander through the historic lanes, you’ll find galleries and museums like as the Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation or the Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum in Valldemossa.

Other markets include Santa Catalina in the posh district of the same name and l’Olivar outside the train station!

Breathtaking sunsets

It is both spectacular and romantic to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean, framed by the mountain range and gorgeous granite cliffs (even rock formations in certain places!). We witnessed some of the most breathtaking sunsets that we had ever seen.

The southeastern town of Santanyi is a must-see because of its amazing sunsets and intriguing rock formations! In addition, Port d’Andratx has several restaurants where you may have a glass of wine while watching a stunning sunset.

A Long History

Mallorca has a fascinating past and is much more than just a beach destination! Before being taken over by King Jaume I of Aragon in the thirteenth century, Mallorca was governed by the Romans and Arabs. As you go through the streets, you can see the influence of all these civilizations on the walls, buildings, and architecture, like the Cathedral.

Unusual Activities

It’s easy to assume that the only thing to do in Mallorca is relax on the beach. We were hesitant to go in the first place since we thought we would become bored of sunbathing too soon.

Although you could lounge on the beach for your whole trip, Mallorca has several interesting activities as well, such as hiking, cycling, scuba diving, snorkeling, catamaran cruises, and our fave, paella-making!

A Good All-Year Destination

The fact that you can visit Mallorca any time of year and enjoy fantastic weather is one of its greatest features. There’s never a bad time to visit Mallorca, so you can arrange your vacation around your holidays, timetable, and other commitments.

You Can Make Do With English

We never used Google Translate when we were travelling. Older Mallorcans might not speak English, but everyone we encountered in the hospitality sector (hotels, restaurants, etc.) did. This made planning our trip much easier.

To appear like you’re trying, try learning a few Spanish words at the very least!

A Drawback to Visiting Mallorca

By now, you should be able to tell that, in our opinion, the clear answer to the question “Is Mallorca worth visiting?” is yes.

But we would like to be upfront with you so you know what to expect. Mallorca is a well-liked vacation spot. While meandering down some of the side roads, we thought, “Oh, okay, this isn’t so bad.” Then you turn onto a busy street where people are swarming about.

We’ve gone virtually everywhere in Spain, so it doesn’t take much work to get a sense of the real Spain. This may be the reason behind the ‘tourists go home’ placards you see on many Mallorcan apartment balconies, although this is not the situation in Mallorca.

Staying in one makes this less of an issue.

Is a trip to Mallorca worthwhile? 15 Fantastic Reasons to Go



Mallorca caught us off guard! We had the good fortune to travel to Mallorca in October, the shoulder season, and had an amazing trip that we will never forget. We understand that not everyone can travel wherever they would like, therefore this may alter if you must come during the hectic summer months.

If you must, we think Mallorca is a must-see destination that offers the perfect balance of superb food, mountains, and laid-back beach life. So, when do you intend to come to this island?

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