The Ultimate Mallorca Schedule: 7 Days to Cherish

Known by several names, Majorca or Mallorca, this island is stunning with its bright blue ocean, gorgeous beaches, and quaint villages—we fell in love with it and think it’s the perfect place for a couple’s getaway! To provide you with all the insider information on how to enjoy the most amazing trip as a couple, we traveled to Mallorca, explored all the best places to see by vehicle and on foot, and even utilized two different modes of transportation!

If you’re like us as a couple, you don’t want to spend the entire week at the beach, so Caleb and I, Taylor, will design our 7-day Mallorca itinerary to be the ideal mix of adventure, exploration, and leisurely beach time.

The Ultimate Mallorca Schedule: 7 Days to Cherish

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How to Get Around Mallorca

In Mallorca, vehicles, buses, and trains are the most often used modes of transportation. To give you the inside scoop on the best way to navigate Mallorca, we took buses and rental cars across the island.

We think that exploring Mallorca by car is the best way to explore the island! Although there are some nerve-wracking highways, like the Ma10, it’s not complicated. But since owning a car saves time and removes the need to rely on bus timetables, you can see A LOT more.

If you’d rather not hire a car, the bus system is quite effective and easy to use. It’s possible you won’t be able to finish everything on this timeline!

Overview of the Itinerary

Here’s a little rundown of what to expect during your week-long trip to Mallorca:

  • Palma City Centre on Day One
  • Day two: Old Town Palma, Food, and Swimming in the Mediterranean
  • Day Three: Soller, Port Soller, and Fornalutx
  • Deia, Valdemossa, and Jardines de Alfabia on Day 4
  • Banyallbufar, paella, and hiking on Day 5
  • Cala Figuera, Calo De Moro, Santanyi, and Es Pontas on Day 6.
  • Day 7: Wild Card Day (Many Options!)

Day 1: Arrive in Palma and Spend Time There

You succeeded! You deserve it after a tiring day of travel, therefore today we’re going to have a laid-back day! On the first day, we’ll have to give you some wiggle room because I’m not sure what time you’ll arrive!

Once you get in Palma, unpack and spend some time seeing the town and dodging other tourists, or spend a few hours napping at the nearby beach, Playa de Palma! Since Palma is the major city in Mallorca, there are many things to do and places to discover. being is important to note that Palma is a large city with a more “city vibe” than the other parts of the island that are on our schedule, but we still like being there.

Take a stroll down Passeig de Born, one of Palma’s most beautiful avenues full of high-end stores, if you want to go shopping in earnest. This is also the perfect place to have a glass of wine. We suggest that you visit “WINEING,” a small wine and tapas joint. Though the name may sound funny, they have a unique selection of wines to choose from in their self-service vending machine!

La Rambla is an alternative route that is less well-known to tourists but provides a welcome diversion from your exhausted and jet-lagged body. Head over to “Claudio Gelato Con Passion,” a little gelato business on the street, if you’re hungry.

NOTE:  Take use of the extra time you have on day one to start getting ready for day two so you can explore more of Mallorca and do some tasks today! WOOT!

When the sun goes down, head to Santa Catalina, the trendiest and hippest neighborhood on Mallorca, with an abundance of excellent eateries and bars! You could hire a cab, however, we frequently found that walking was faster in Palma due to the extremely sluggish traffic! See the Dutch windmills, which seem out of place on an island yet are just a 3-minute walk away, while you’re there!

For tasty and inventive tapas, visit FABRICK Food and More! Make a reservation because it’s a very popular place! Then, get some much-needed rest by spending the night at a fantastic local bar or by going back to your hotel!

Places to Stay:

Your first two nights should be spent in Palma. Here are a few hotel choices:

Day 2 – Historical Sites in Palma And Catamaran Tour Or Food Tour

You’ll go to some of Palma’s most important historical locations today and go on an excursion that suits your interests!

The first thing you’ll need is coffee! While in Palma, we went to Arabay Coffee every day, which is located in the city center close to Placa Espana! It’s contemporary, the coffee is great, and they provide delicious baked products, including the well-known Ensenada pastry! You are welcome to enjoy one to start the day, but we have suggested the greatest one for tomorrow! Get the SOBRASADADA (similar to spreadable chorizo) and toast for a classic SAVOURY Mallorcan breakfast instead. We discuss it practically daily because it’s so awesome.

You might also go to Santa Catalina, which has a lot of quaint restaurants if you’re an early riser. For coffee and some very Instagrammable, yet unique, breakfast alternatives, we suggest Mama Carmen!

From here, your options are to visit Palma and then go on a gourmet tour, or you may take a morning Catamaran excursion and then explore Palma!

If you don’t like history or you have more time on the first day, you may spend more time at the historical sites in the morning and then take the Catamaran food cruise and food tour in the afternoon!

We had an amazing time on our Catamaran tour, even though we’re not exactly the type of couple who “relax by the water”! You have time to relax on the boat, have some wine and tapas, and then float in the center of the glistening blue Mediterranean Sea. Hi there, BUCKET LIST!

IMPORTANT:  Tourists visiting Mallorca may only take boat rides in May. If you go sooner, this adventure might not be available!

When Caleb and I go to new locations, especially in Europe, we usually go on a gastronomic tour. It’s a great chance to try every dish from the area in smaller servings without feeling stuffed. This is a fantastic method to see both at once if you don’t want to dive too far into history because you’ll also see various historical places.

  • It took three centuries to construct the Gothic Roman Catholic Santa Maria de Palma Cathedral in the heart of the ancient town! It’s impossible to miss, as it’s among the tallest churches in Europe! It also has the most magnificent gothic rose window in the entire world!

Antoni Gaud aided with several of the Cathedral’s alterations in his signature Art Nouveau style. However, he came to an abrupt and unexpected halt ten years later. *shift your gaze* You can see his stunning wrought-iron canopy above the main altar within!

  • The Royal Palace of La Almudaina was built in the fourteenth century and is now home to the Spanish king and queen.

Look for the stairs that descend to the Parc de la Mar once you leave the palace. Here’s the ideal location to snap that “must-have” picture of Palma’s two most beautiful landmarks!

The Mercat de l’Olivar is a local market where fresh fruit, cheese, and meat are available. There is a market at Santa Catalina as well, albeit it is far more tourist-oriented. This one seems more appropriate for our area, so go ahead and give it a try!

The stunning castle known as Castell De Bellver is situated outside of Palma, so getting there and up the hill will require taking public transit! To house kings, the caste was constructed in the Gothic style in the fourteenth century. Unless you visit on a Sunday when admission to the castle is free, you will need to purchase a ticket to enter.

That night at La Rosa Vermuteria, we had a great time! The environment is always lively and they serve wonderful vermouth, an important part of Spanish drinking culture, along with delicious tapas! The pancetta-paired garlic prawns were to die for, and the mussels in tomato sauce were delicious. #yes, please.

For authentic cuisine, try Celler Pages; I had the fish of the day and the local “Tumbet,” which tastes a lot like ratatouille from Mallorca.

Places to Stay:

Remain in Palma and heed my instructions from Day One.

Soller and Fornalutx on Day 3

Take a car trip across the Serra Tramuntana Mountain Range, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just outside of Mallorca!

Your road trip plan must include breakfast. As promised, we provide to you with the BEST Ensenada recommendation: Panadera S’Estació. The Ensenadas from this tiny bakery in the city center, just outside Placa Espana, were so light and fluffy we could have cried. They offer a huge variety of flavors, and you can even watch the bakers make them in a small section of the glass floor! They also provide a variety of authentic Mallorcan dishes.

After grabbing an Ensenada to-go, pick up your rental car; to ensure you know what to anticipate, read our driving and rental car advice for Mallorca! After that, compile your partner’s road trip questions and go!

It is best to begin at Port Soller, a little seaside town with a spacious harbor and gorgeous waters. Take some time to stroll the boardwalk and peruse the little stores.

Once your exploration is complete, travel to the historic train stations to take a trip up to the main town of Soller (if not, it’s a 45-minute walk!). The historic train that many tourists use from Palma to Soller seems overpriced and overly touristic to us. This is one of the greatest things to do in Mallorca for couples since even if you take the 20-minute trip up to the city center, you’ll still travel through quaint and lovely citrus fields!

We have a treat for you that is concealed if you are hungry. Look for the little bakery Forn Des Port within a convenience shop; it’s just a minute’s walk from the train station. I realize that a bakery in a convenience shop is dubious, but trust us when we say that you have to sample the authentic Coca De Trampo here. It’s perfect for sharing and eating on the train since it resembles pizza without the cheese. You guys almost seem like natives!

For the most AMAZING handcrafted gelato, ice cream, and sorbet created with seasonal and local ingredients, head to Mister McCoys Island Ices, which is just a 2-minute walk from anywhere in town. Citrus is Soller’s specialty, so use it to explore! I like the flavors of ginger and saffron! Will we be enjoying wine and gelato while on vacation as you can purchase local wine here as well?

When you get back to Soller, eat supper at either Restaurant Ca’n Boqueta (get the tasting menu) or the stunning Restaurant Luna 36 (try the octopus or scallops!). The main city plaza is home to many subpar tourist restaurants, so avoid eating there!

Day 4: Dea, Valldemossa, and the Arabian Gardens

On to many more famous and picturesque little villages! The stunning Arabian gardens known as the Jardines de Alfabia will be your first stop. Seeing the gardens takes around an hour, and admission is less than $10. These gorgeous gardens are usually less crowded, but you might need to take a “people’s break” during this time of day!

A quaint small café with sweets and freshly squeezed juice is located in the yard!

After twenty minutes, get back to the vehicle to view the lovely hamlet of Valldemossa! Two enormous parking spaces are located on the outskirts of the hamlet! This little mountain town is home to several eateries, lovely stores, and stone buildings. You may lose hours exploring the quaint roads, taking in the views of the mountains, or going to the ancient Carthusian Monastery. This is where renowned composer Chopin spent his winters.

Visit the well-known Pastelera Ca’n Molinas for a quick lunch and sample their signature Coca de patata, which is very fluffy potato bread that tastes much like brioche. After that, get back in the car and go to our favorite mountain village, Deia! You might need to drive around a little to find parking because it’s difficult to find here.

This quaint and idyllic town perches on a hill. You may spend hours strolling through the charming alleys with each other because it is less crowded with tourists than Valldemossa. Since Deiá is well-known among well-known writers and artists, there are many businesses and art galleries to explore. El Olivio is another restaurant worth checking out. It has one of the most stunning settings we’ve ever seen. It is tough for tourists to get in, and bookings are not accepted!

There are complimentary public restrooms in Deia at the start of Carrer De Robert Graves! To enjoy the sunset, hop in your car and drive five minutes to Sa Foradada. As you can see here, this is one of the most popular places in Spain to see sunsets, and it’s also one of the most congested places we’ve ever gone to. Despite the breathtaking scenery.

If you can arrive there at least one hour before sunset, it is worth seeing. At the restaurant Chill Out Sa Foradada, you may eat and sip wine while taking in the sunset. After that, go to QuitaPenas Valldemossa for traditional toast with toppings or Sa Cova for stunning views and mouthwatering tapas for a late dinner in Valldemossa!

Banyalbufar, Beach Time, Hiking, Or Paella on Day 5

For the brave pair, we suggest climbing the Archduke’s Trail (Cam de s’Arxiduc) close to Valldemossa. It’s a strenuous trip that, depending on your pace, takes four to five hours to complete. One might choose to travel the trail from Valldemossa to Deia or in a circle. To go back to your car, we advise doing a loop!

The most direct route passes via the Muntanya del Voltor Natural Area, which traverses private territory and requires free permission. Please make your request HERE at least 4-6 days ahead of time!

You may even meet mountain goats as you journey past gorgeous oak trees and take in breathtaking views of the surrounding area and mountains. When the temps drop in the shoulder months, like April, this is quite helpful!

If you don’t feel like hiking in the morning, hop in your car and head to Banyalbufar, a charming mountain town, which is only 30 minutes away! Nestled deeper into the hill than others, this quaint little West Coast village of just 500 residents is as endearing. This provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range. It boasts breathtaking ancient hillside terraces that down to the ocean!

Although Caleb and I did not go to the beach, we were told by the locals that it offers the best snorkeling and that you can play with newborn octopuses! 🤩 This is a great option to have a morning nap while seeing the charming neighborhoods.

If the weather permits, we highly suggest spending an afternoon preparing paella. Patri, a native of Banyalbufar, shows you her father’s house, a traditional one-room hamlet with amazing views and plenty of cute animals! You’ll prepare the BEST seafood paella of your life if you have an endless supply of wine! It was the best part of our vacation! She doesn’t run it all year round because she’s in school, yet!

After eating that Paella, if you’re still hungry, you may spend the night in Valldemossa and eat at the other restaurant we suggested!

ALTERNATIVE: If you don’t mind the short trip, we suggest getting back in the car and heading to Port d’Andratx for sunset if the paella class isn’t available. We’re not sure why Andratx isn’t on many people’s lists of Mallorcan attractions. Surrounded by yachts, this little fishing town is known as one of the island’s most opulent holiday spots. It’s even said that the cities seen on the slopes are owned by celebrities!

Here is a beautiful location where we enjoyed the dusk. Not only was it magnificent, but several restaurants were situated in the ideal spot to watch the sun set!

Places to Stay:

Remain overnight at the same hotel where you spent the previous evening! If you decide on Port d’Andratx, you might choose to spend the night there if you don’t want to make the forty-minute trip back to Valldemossa.

Cala Figuera, Caló Des Moro, Santanyi, Sunset, and Es Pontas on Day 6.

You’ll need some beach time after all of the touring you did during your week-long vacation in Majorca, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today! Rise early, hop in the car, and go to Mallorca’s southern region. It will take us around one hour and fifteen minutes to go to Cala d’Or by car. Well-known are the sandy coves and the azure sea of this small beach town.

For a superb breakfast before spending a few hours at one of the area’s beaches, such as Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, or Cala Ferrera, go over to Restaurant Bistro Noir. All of them are reachable on foot from one another! There are many beaches to visit, so try to spend as little time as possible!

Drive 30 minutes to Calo Des Moro, one of Mallorca’s most stunning beaches, after getting some rest. This beach’s water is an amazing shade of blue due to its placement in a little cove. It could get crowded because it’s small and popular with tourists, so plan!

NOTE: You could spend the entire day at ONE of these beaches if you are staying in Mallorca on day 7, and then come back the next day!

Take the steps to Cala S’Almunia from Carrer des Caló des Moro Street, then walk to Caló des Moro.

If you have a little extra time, you could go to Cala Figuera, a quaint fishing hamlet with 14th-century white-painted buildings.

When you’ve had enough of lounging in the heat, head to Es Ponta to witness the sunset!

This is THE location in Mallorca to watch the sun set. Es Pontás is an underwater natural rock structure with a central hole.

Park in a little lot and walk down to the “residents only” sign (don’t worry, you’re OK!) to reach the Mirador. I can attest to my scars—don’t wear sandals on the steep and rough descent as I did. Get there early because this is a popular spot for sunsets!

If you want to stay overnight in Mallorca and would like to have a romantic evening on one of the greatest beaches on the island, we suggest spending the night in Santanyi once the sun sets. You may think about going back to Palma so you might be nearer the airport!

Make a reservation at the stunning Restaurant Amazoniqüe, which offers Brazilian and Mediterranean fusion food, if you’re staying in Santanyi! Taste the seafood.

Day 7 – Wild Card

Our time in Mallorca is now over! Whether you leave Mallorca today (and at what time!), or tomorrow, this day is a bit of a wild card. This indicates you have a few choices regarding what to do today:

Option 1 Your best option, if you stayed the night in Palma and are departing today, is to stay and make up for all the things you missed in the first few days. You don’t want to arrive on your flight late!

Option 2: If you are departing Palma tomorrow or tonight after spending the day in Santanyi, you may make a stop at Es Trenc Beach on the route back. Because of its gorgeous white sand and breathtaking blue Caribbean waves, Es Trenc is one of the island’s most visited beaches. Although I couldn’t go, I’ve heard excellent things about it! Cala Llombards is yet another stunning beach that offers fantastic snorkeling!

A 15-minute drive gets you to Mondrago Natural Park if you don’t want to go to another beach. It is a sizable coastal reserve with stunning beaches, pine trees, marshes, and wildlife.

Before spending the night in Palma, if you have time in the evening, think about stopping by Port d’Andratx to see the sunset.

Option 3: If you only had time to visit one of the two beaches on yesterday’s itinerary and have an evening flight or are departing tomorrow, you may visit the second beach today, Port d’Andratx at night (if you can! ), then remain in Palma until your departure the following day.

Option 4 If you have the entire day, you might go to Cap de Formentor and Alcudia in the island’s north to witness the sunsets. Most likely, you’ll want to stay the night.

Other Places to Visit on Your Mallorca Itinerary

How lucky you are to be able to spend more than a week in Mallorca! There was so much to see and do on the island that I was unable to visit. It would have pleased me to see:

  • Cuevas de Drach – The Drach Caves is a cave system that houses one of the world’s largest underground lakes!
  • Ses Salines is a little fishing hamlet surrounded by stunning beaches such as Es Trenc.
  • Colonia de Sant Jordi is a thriving holiday destination near Es Trenc Beach.

The Ultimate Mallorca Schedule: 7 Days to Cherish



There is so much to do on this lovely island that you could easily spend more than seven days here! You can see everything in 7 days, make the most of your trip, and unwind on the gorgeous beaches with your loved one!

I hope our 7-day Mallorca itinerary helped help you arrange your next trip, and I’m forward to hearing about your experiences!

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